Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Lakers want to be in play for Kevin Love, but they can't

I've grown to respect Kobe in recent years. He's a guy who wants to win at all costs, and I respect that. He's a guy that has shown major love for Rondo, and I respect that. He's a true student of the game, and I respect that. I also respect Kobe for hurting the Lakers by taking too much money that has and will stunt the Lakers quest for more banners in the coming years.

In the Kevin Love saga the Lakers still have managed to poke their heads in somehow. They have no business being in the mix, they have the 7th pick, and that's nothing when looking into the services of Love. They may land Love if he's not traded and he leaves the Wolves as a free agent next summer, or if a team like Cleveland gambles and trades for him, and he leaves them (Cleveland) this summer.

Racine Sports

"Two NBA executives, when asked where they thought Minnesota star forward Kevin Love would end up, said the Los Angeles Lakers — even though Golden State appears to be the front-runners for his services."

It's hard to say who the favorites are. I think it's a 3 or 4 team race for Love. With a possible surprise guest as draft night nears. The Celtics still are in play big time, and they have enough to get it done.


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    1. lol .............He took an 8 mil dollar a year cut from his max and a 6 mil. a year cut from his last contract and at 24 mil. he will take home less than a player making 18 mil or so in a place like Texas for example and he is worth far more than that in just apparel sales anyway...............Good luck with your rebuild Celtic fan, considering what a draw living in Mass. is to NBA players..........................

    2. He still should have taken much less. Is he worth 25 million a year? Don't think so. He's 35 and coming off two major surgeries. His ego got the best of him man.