Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trade Day Rondo Thoughts

It is very interesting to observe the way that things happen on the internet sometimes.  Rondo has repeatedly said that he wants to stay in Boston.  He has suggested that  money is not his overriding consideration.  He has stated that he is willing to be patient, though he has also (appropriately) stated that he wants to win.   At first, when a few commentors started claiming that Rondo would definitely demand max money, and that he would be certain to leave the Celtics, once he became a free agent,  if the team did not immediately start winning, they were quickly corrected.   Those who claimed these things insisted, however, and grew in number.   Eventually even lead bloggers began to assume these things as given facts, leading us to the consensus that we see before us on draft day, 2014:  according to this consensus, Danny has  no choice but to trade Rondo, unless he is able to land a major star to pair with Rondo, someone like Love who might turn the Celtics into instant contenders, because if he doesn't trade Rondo, he will lose Rondo for nothing in free agency.

A similar thing happened in 2011, leading up to the Perkins trade.   Word spread through the internet that Perkins was going to demand too much  money and that Danny had to trade him for something or lose hm for nothing.  This  parallel suggests to me that Danny may possibly have had a bit of a hand in the spreading of such notions (remember there is always a tradeoff, access for content influence, in journalism, as well as in quasi-journalism), as they certainly seemed awfully convenient to Danny's purposes in the case of the Perkins trade at least, and this in turn suggests that Danny is now paving the way for a Rondo trade.   

I have come to believe that Rondo would be better off on almost any other team.  There's no excuse for the fact that the trade rumors continue to howl around Rondo.  He is probably the most persistently rumored person in the NBA, over time, and maybe ever.  The only way this can end is for Rondo to leave Boston.  He deserves a  franchise and a fandom that is willing to accord him respect and appreciation.

If Rondo does stay, Danny should give him no-trade status.  Make the commitment or go in a different direction.  That's the adult thing to do.  It's time for Danny to stop acting like a child who enjoys torturing barbie dolls.


  1. Danny must have purchased a couple of cases of baby dolls. He's a tortured soul sometimes.

  2. Well put, Greg. He does seem a tortured soul in some ways. Commitment issues...