Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's the end game in the Rondo saga

It's a mix bunch out there in the NBA world when it comes to Rondo. Most of the best players in the game want to play with Rondo,and a lot of GM's want to trade for him. There are some teams that don't want to go after Rondo as well.

Boston Herald

“You’re not going to get a bidding war over Rondo,” said one NBA general manager. “He’s a great player, and teams have interest in him, but they’re not going to rearrange their world to make a run at him like they would for some people.

“Now, if he comes back next season and takes another step forward after the surgery, that could change things. Teams might want him more, and, you know, Danny could decide to keep him and hope he can re-sign him next summer.”

This story has grown old with me, and I hope it has for many of you. The art of loyalty is a dead art, unless your the Spurs. The Celtics are no longer that loyal bunch, they have become something else, and I get it. I love the Celtics, but the era of truth and loyalty has passed.

Ainge is an artist at what he does in his own way. But loyal, and even trustworthy he is not. For me it's a rare thing to like the player more than the team. For me I see something in Rondo. Something that has me invested. I still love the Celtics more than one player. But I feel for Rondo, and he's become one of my all-time favorites.

Sometimes I want to take my fan hat off with Rondo, and think of the bigger picture. But I still comeback to Rondo as the future. I do admit that the Celtics and Rondo need to part ways if Danny is unable to find some All-Star type veterans to put along with Rondo. If they miss out on Love, and even if plan B falls short after Love. Then perhaps parting ways is a must for both parties in this long saga.

CBS Sports

Boston Celtics team President Rich Gotham appeared on CBS Sports Radio Friday with Amy Lawrence. Gotham discussed Marcus Smart and James Young, who were taken in the 2014 NBA Draft and commented on Rajon Rondo's future with the team: On Rondo: "It's a two way street. ... We want him here and we're hopeful he wants to be here for the long term, which he says he does. He's our best player and in the NBA you win with talent. He's a big part of what we're doing and will continue going forward."


  1. I disagree that we have to move Rondo if we can't bring in some top veteran talent to put around him. In my view, there is no basis at all for that claim. Rondo has made it clear that he would like to contend each season. We should expect that from him. Nowhere that I am aware of has he said that he would not be willing to stay through a rebuilding process. In fact, I believe that he has repeatedly said that he would be willing.

  2. Wow - Maxwell apparently thinks Rondo will be traded and looks at the guard position as the Celtics position that needs changing - claims that we have plenty of forwards.

  3. Celtics/Piston Trade:

    A Drummond or Greg Monroe and R Stuckey

    For Rondo and Jeff Green

    Both teams improve as a result. Do the $$ work, not sure. But from a pure "improve our respective teams" standpoint, this makes sense.

    1. Why is that we must move Rondo? No one else is proven. He gets moved, 4 years from now, we will be complaining that we are not contending. The future is now. Lets build now Rondo is value to that.

    2. Picking Smart meant the team is moving past Rondo.

  4. Sacramento, I think, with maybe Josh Smith.

  5. I agree that Rondo and the Celtics may go down different paths. If Danny can't get players this summer, and with Rondo as a free agent. So many things can happen. Rondo needs to play for a winner soon with the years creeping up on him.

  6. The Kings deal is legit, and I hate it..

  7. I hope Rondo doesnt get distracted by all this