Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's your move Danny Ainge?

In Danny's mind he has a picture of how things may go down Thursday night. Addiction is another format of obsession, and Danny is obsessed with his phone, and the latest and greatest deal in his mind. Is it a dirty habit, or an addiction that needs treatment. The addiction for Danny is his gambling hand. Danny's been active without being active. No deal is done, but the rumors are out there like it's Saturday night, and Danny is looking for some action.

The lust or love that Ainge has for that instant thrill once the phone call is over, and the deal is done. It's something he's great at, and something that makes me question his sanity. The Celtics have been all over the place when it comes to the direction of next year. Ainge is banking on making moves that make the Celtics contenders in the East, and Danny is also looking at the demolition crew..

I feel intoxicated by the chance of Love and others playing with Rondo. I feel hungover by the constant Rondo rumors, and the rebuilding process that doesn't need to happen just yet. Even though the rebuilding is in full swing now, with Rondo it could go all away. Knowing how things have gone in recent years with the Celtics. And knowing what has happened with two big trades already. The parts are moving and the plane tickets are being booked.

The Celtics next move may determine more than last years big trade on draft night.