Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WOW, I actually agree with Bob Ryan about something, just say no to Melo

Melo could be the best scorer in the game, but when it comes to other things. Carmelo is just a volume scorer with very little to offer outside of scoring baskets. He doesn't play a lick of defense, and he's not much of a passer. I don't Melo as the player to get the Celtics over the hump if the C's have Rondo and Love..

Melo seems to be a big cancer in my opinion. It sounds like a sexy trio, but I'd rather Danny look elsewhere for a third star to put along side Love and Rondo. Bob Ryan said this below, and I have to agree.


"I don't want him." said Bob Ryan. "If he's the best player on your team, you're in trouble. If he's not the best player, if there's someone equal or better, now we can start talking."

"He's a great scoring machine. That's it.


  1. I'm not saying that Melo is the answer for the Cs, but I think that Ryan is wrong, as usual. I swear, is there anyone on television who hasn't turned into a caricature of themselves? To me, the hate for Melo is similar to the hate for Josh Smith. These guys are obviously far from perfect. They aren't Lebron. They aren't Durant. In a way, they are in the same boat that Rondo is in. They have a lot to prove. They have to turn their games around in some ways. Some players never struggle to find themselves. Others do. I was reading a book about Magic Johnson. Here is a player who had a near perfect career, but even he struggled at times, and seemed potentially lost, early in his career. You can't just measure a player by what they already are. You also have to take into account what they have the potential to be. Basketball is played in the future, not in the past. The Miami Heat put together two proven winners and built a perennial champion that way (and with a lot of help from the refs, etc..). Did anyone really admire this? Didn't we say at the time that it was a bit of a cheap trick? The Celtics Big Three was made of lost souls who came together for the chance to do something great. Pierce was perhaps comparable to Melo before the Big Three happened. He wanted to raise his game. Melo seems to want the same.

    The key is Rondo. The key to Ryan's griping is Rondo. Ryan says you can't have Melo as your best player. Well, that's probably true, just as you can't have Pierce as your best player. A champion team has to have someone with a fierce determination, an unquenchable desire - a Russell, a Cowens, a Bird, a KG. For the Cs, that someone has to be Rondo, or they have to trade Rondo. Rondo is our best player, regardless of whom we bring in. Can he, will he, step up? So far, indications are that Rondo is taking next season very much to heart.

  2. OF course, Ryan can't admit that Rondo is the key to all this, because he hates Rondo, so he goes off on Melo.... Of course, Melo isn't just a scoring machine, but he does have to raise his game. One of the things that is often forgotten is that the best players thrive around other great players, if there is a good fit. It's hard to play at the highest level when others around you are not. Case in point: how many assists did Rondo have last year that truly took your breath away? Not as many as usual, I'd say. It's hard to play at your highest level when the people you are passing to are fairly pedestrian. They aren't exactly giving your game wings.

  3. I do see that Rondo could form Melo into something special. Like Billips did in Denver.

  4. i could see it - if Rondo successfully unleashes his passion