Friday, June 20, 2014

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski believes Celtics may not have enough for Love

Adrian Wojnarowski is a god to a lot of people. He's right a lot, and I don't even know when he was wrong. It's been a very long time since Wojo has given a false lead. This time I hope his steak of being right comes to an end. Here's what he said about the Celtics chances, but I also disagree with him.


"I don't think Boston has enough to do a deal now," Wojnarowski said. "I think it's becoming increasingly likely that Minnesota just goes forward with Love. The pressure is really off for them to do something by the draft because they're not really involved with any teams picking high enough for Minnesota to get a really high pick or even the package of picks if Boston gave them their two picks, they may not be able to get a difference-maker out of there."

Woj also says that the Wolves' asking price may be too high - perhaps by design.

"I think once Flip Saunders has taken over as coach, I think the odds are more and more that he's going to coach the team that's there. What he's asking for from Golden State is so rich, they're not going to do Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes, and that's what Minnesota wants. They're not getting both of them, at least not now. And I think that a little bit of what's going on is Flip Saunders is going around, he's discussing deals that he knows probably are never going to happen, and he can go back to Kevin Love and his agent and say, 'Hey, we tried. See you in training camp.'"

Ideally Love wants traded draft night. The Warriors seem out (for the moment, you guys know how things change quick). I just don't see any team having the package of cap relief, picks, and young talent like the Celtics do. Danny will likely need to sweeten the deal when it's all said and done. Ainge also knows that he can't spend the family fortune on one player.


  1. I see it a bit differently. First, I don't know Woj that well, but it sounds to me like he simply acts as a conduit. When Woj says something is happening it probably is. That doesn't mean that he is any better a journalist. It just means that he's the advance notice guy for big moves. That's my view, anyway. Second, the key here is Love. Woj said, if I understand it, that Love loves Rondo, Boston's history, etc.. In situations like this the trade happens, if it happens, because the player pressures the team. From the beginning that was the ultimate truth about this situation. Love has to pressure Saunders to make it happen. If he does that, maybe he comes to the Cs. It's up to Love. It's always been up to Love. It's never been about the deal itself. Love either will make the deal happen, or he won't.

  2. Yeah, people are addicted to this guy, like he's a god.. Love at the end of the day will pick his team in my view. He's the one who will sign the extension.