Sunday, July 6, 2014

Brandon Bass has been working hard, and yes he's still a Celtic

When it comes to Bass, it's hard for me to say anything negative about him. He works hard, and he's in a unique spot. He's a power forward, but he lacks some of the wideness and length to be effective. He's an efficient player, Bass can give you 12 points and 7 rebounds a game. If he had the length and bulk Bass could be one of the best in the game. Bass has the work ethic, and he hopes it translates this season.


Entering his 10th NBA season, the 29-year-old veteran is hoping for a similar evolution offensively.

"Defense is mandatory for me every possession," Bass told on Sunday. "I just want be that way offensively. I think that it's time to be able to play both ends of the court at a high level."

"As far as my summer is going, I feel I'm a better basketball player," Bass said. "I'm trying to enhance the things I'm great at and improve on the things I'm weak at. I definitely improved as far as the summer."

I like Bass, and I remember how big he was in 2012 for the Celtics. The Celtics still got the better end of the Bass and Davis trade.

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  1. I like what he is saying. He and Rondo seem to have a connection too.