Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Despite the distraction of rumors, Rondo needs to show the world why he's capable of being the best point guard

Work hard and turn your dreams into reality. That's what most believe, and honestly hard work does workout in some ways, depending on your god given abilities, or some luck and attitude. Rondo has the ability, and the hard work ethic. That has been proven many times. Rondo is at his peak, he's 28 and the time is now to become the best or a top 5 point guard once again. This is a contract year, and despite the rumors, and what Danny intends to do with Rondo.

As hard as it sounds. Rondo needs to focus on himself. With this one season in mind as selfish as it sounds. He can't think about anything but this season. His focus should be playing the best basketball of his career, because honestly that will result in more wins than losses for Boston. Rondo's focus should be on his teammates and the season ahead. His focus shouldn't be on Danny's master plan. Rondo is playing for his career this season,and with the Celtics looking more and more like a bottom feeder again in the Eastern Conference.

Rondo needs to be a bit selfish. He's auditioning in some ways for other teams. Not because he wants to, but because that's the nature of it. Because it's the best thing for him, and I'm sure he wants to get back at Ainge a bit for years of rumors. At the end of the day Rondo may end up in Boston. But for his sake, and as a fan of the player, no matter of what name is on the front. He needs to focus on himself this season. The team part will fall into place. DeMarcus Cousins still thinks highly of Rondo at least. A possible teammate of Rondo's someday? He called Rondo the best point guard during an interview with Bill Simmons.

Listen to the Bill Simmons interview here


  1. I agree, Rondo needs to keep the focus on himself,as bad as that sounds. The Celtics are going nowhere this season with this roster. Rondo looking out for himself this year, more than the team sounds okay. Because in the end as you kind of say. The team will benefit.

  2. Great piece. I've been thinking about this too. I don't see any other way. Rondo is auditioning for the rest of the league now. I mean, if some great synergy happens between the massive confusion of guards we have, and if Stevens changes his tack and works well with Rondo, that will be wonderful. But that's unlikely, I'd say. Rondo is on his way out of town. It looks like instead of doing the right thing and trading him now, Danny is going to play the role of dog-in-the-manger, refusing to let Rondo go, yet not really giving Rondo a chance to express his talents. Such a little thing as a big man who can finish around the basket - Wilcox is the best such big Danny has arranged since Shaq. Just do the right thing, Danny, and send Rondo away to a good team for him - Sacramento. Call them up, make a deal, so everyone can move on.

  3. Wow - kings are in trade talks with Detroit again, for Smith. Is Detroit dissatisfied enough with Smith that they'd like to just get rid of him? Is this a prelude to Detroit possibly trading for Rondo? How can such a team keep opponents from packing the paint defensively?

  4. How about that RedsArmy and Tanguay battle. They have some great points. That guy has it out for Rondo. This site on other hand has been calling his ass out for sometime.

  5. Rondo definitely does need to be extremely calculated this coming season. And from all I've seen, really I'd say as far back as stupid birthdaygate (which can I say was without a doubt the dumbest media pile on of a player I think I have ever seen. Mind you birthdaygate happened during the same season that D Wade had a baby with someone who wasn't his new fiance & Paul George possibly got a stripper pregnant while dating Doc's daughter, but birthdaygate was the real scandal of the season. Well until Sterling). But when you look back after that incident there was a shift in his behavior. Not a shift like he started being nice to journos or something crazy like that, but as in everything he did after that blew over seemed to be very deliberate. Calculated. I think that Danny may have sent the message a little too soon that he had no intention of being loyal to Rondo and I think Rondo read the writing on the wall accordingly. Everything from him declaring that he was already being paid like a superstar (the man is a purported math wiz, he knows he's making bargain bin money compared to his contemporaries) to lodging zero complaints about the flop warning he received for tripping over his own feet. I think Danny has put Rondo in a really crappy situation, but at the same time he painted himself into a corner too. I think Danny underestimated how Rondo would respond to a lot of what he is doing, and I think before brithdaygate Rondo's reactions to a lot of things would have been much different. Rondo is a smart man - with his awkward personality and just the way people have talked about the way he learns, committing other team's entire playbooks to memory overnight, I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out the man had a genius level IQ - what happened on his birthday should have been a total non-issue or at the very most a minor internal misunderstanding. Even in the age of social media, not a soul would have known that him staying in LA was an issue with anybody in that organization had somebody not wanted the media to know. If anything I think maybe that incident becoming a thing took him by surprise, but I think it was also the catalyst for him to actively counter Danny's moves. Honestly I think even though the league can see what appears to be Danny trying to move Rondo or possibly keep him in his place by hanging Smart over his head, somewhere along the way Danny lost the upper hand. And it was long before draft night. Maybe it's just me, but right now, I think Rondo is in complete control. No he's not demanding a trade, but he shouldn't. He didn't have a say in who was drafted, but it didn't matter. He hasn't made a big show of trying to attract other stars, again he shouldn't and I don't think he will. Rondo is controlling the most important thing that Danny has right now and that is Rondo. He seems locked in on being physically ready for this coming season and mentally, he's outwitting Danny at the moment. It's getting down to the wire and Danny is losing leverage on all fronts. Trading Rondo this season may sound glamorous to some but it does absolutely NOTHING for the C's...nothing (if anything, if you really think about it logically trading Rondo just for the sake of getting "something" is not only short sighted but it puts the team in a worse position), and alienating him and losing his trust has put Danny at a serious disadvantage come free agency. And even with AB's inflated resign, the way Danny is treating Rondo most definitely is sending the louder message to everyone on the team and around the league. Danny seems hell bent on creating a very toxic culture on this team and it's just sad to watch. Do you Rondo!