Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Has Jeff Green hurt the Celtics in trading for a star like Kevin Love?

Jeff Green is more than capable to put up superstar numbers on any given night. When that night is seems to be the question. Green can give you a 41 point game, and the win, but he can also give you nothing in the next few games. Green is in his prime, but his inconsistent career has put a damper on the Celtics. They can't trade him that easily because of it, and they can't count on him for consistent production. It's a double edge sword for the Celtics with Green.

In the Celtics pursuit of Love, they have some great young players to offer up, and they have more draft picks to use than we can count. The Celtics were lucky when it came to the Seattle trade in 2007. Jeff Green at the time, along with West had so much potential to pair with a young Durant. Ray Allen was 32, and the Sonics had to move away from that era. Al Jefferson was more proven than Sully is now. So that KG deal was easier to pull off. Let's not forget who was running the Wolves at the time either.

The Love trade now is hard to pull off, especially with a team like the Cavs who may be willing to deal this years number one pick in Wiggins. If I'm Cleveland I keep Wiggins to go with James, but that's me. Danny Ainge's trade Wednesday was a great move, but was it to aid the Love deal? It's unclear right now, but it's slightly moved the needle on the Love front.

So back to my question. If Green was a bit more aggressive, or a bit more of a game changer. I would say that the Love deal could have been done. Green won't be a huge factor for the Wolves, but what if the Celtics can get a third team in the mix to get the Love deal done? Green could aid a team looking to take the next step. Can the Wizards get in the mix, or another team who wants the services of Green.

I even think if Green was a couple of years younger that would help. With him in his prime, and with him still the same inconsistent mess. A Jeff Green trade could be tough to pull off, at lest this season with two years remaining on his deal. I do think Green would be a solid 4th option with Rondo and Love. So maybe Danny can keep Green, because I don't see anyone else wanting him at the moment.


  1. God only knows - so many options have been heard of

  2. He hasn't helped that's for sure.

  3. Don't blame Green......... Blame the clown who drafted him, traded him, them choose him again....... Nice job.... whoever that was.........