Friday, July 4, 2014

Has the love for Smart been a bit much for you?

I understand Smart is a new toy, but I'm kind of tired about the love he's getting. For me it has nothing to do with Rondo either, it's just annoying to me. I don't dislike or hate Smart, but I think many have put put so much faith in him, and he hasn't even played a single game. I don't really care what Stevens or others say about him at this point. Olynyk came on late last season, and he was wonderful, but they did lay it on a bit thick when it came to him last season.

Boston Herald

“But then you’ve got a guy like Marcus who really shows himself well in all of his work and has a good vocal about him. He just has a natural ability to be what would probably be defined as a guy that a lot of people would say, ‘That looks like a leader to me.’
“And what I’ve seen, he certainly has that ability. That’s his reputation. But, you know, leadership is not something that’s gained in two days. It’s gained through your everyday walk and how you do things, how consistent you are.”

Stevens expects Smart will continue to lead in whatever ways present themselves — by example, verbally, etc.
“Sure,” the coach said. “Does that mean that he has to officially be titled a captain? Does that mean that he has to be officially looked at as a leader by everybody? No. But he can do everything right. He can promote positive energy. He can give to others. That’s what leaders do. You can serve others.
“There’s so many different ways to lead. I think we all get caught up with personality being the No. 1 trait of a leader, and he’s got a great personality. But there are other things that go into it.”

I just want some real expectations with Smart, and I don't think he's ready to lead yet, come on guys. He likely has some great leadership skills, but what must wait until he plays one season. He's not the savior.

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  1. I don't mind the enthusiasm for Smart. He is an exciting talent. But I don't think it's possible to say this has nothing to do with Rondo. I think it's impossible not to read those comments from Stevens as being in large part either a shot at Rondo, or an attempt to communicate something to Rondo, or both. Stevens even mentions the captain. It's also perhaps a message to Smart that he needs to work his approach to leadership in a way that doesn't interfere with the official leader - Rondo. But overall, I think it has to be read almost more as a shot at Rondo as a praise of Smart. Until Rondo is gone, this will continue to be the case, unfortunately. The elephant is very much in the middle of the room, until he is traded.