Thursday, July 3, 2014

Can Marcus Smart And Rajon Rondo Complement Each Other?

The Boston Celtics are trying to finalize their rebuilding process this summer. Of course, Danny Ainge still has lots of work to do in order to place C’s into a playoff course next season. Boston commenced its offseason moves by selecting the 6’4” point guard Marcus Smart at the sixth spot of the 2014 NBA Draft. Can Smart and Rondo really complement each other? Will they be able to work in sync next season?

At a first glance, the selection of Marcus Smart doesn’t make that much sense for the Celtics. They already possess a franchise point guard in Rajon Rondo and in fact, Danny Ainge has already stated multiple times that Rondo won’t be traded away. So, if the C’s plan to retain their electric playmaker and build around him, why would they use their sixth overall pick in a loaded class to pick another point guard? On top of that, the Celtics just recently agreed on a multi – year contract with Bradley Beal, which means he will most probably be the starting shooting guard of the team for the near future.

The 20 – year old Marcus Smart is a player who can emerge as a leader for the Boston Celtics, if he is given the chance. Last season with Oklahoma State he averaged 17.8 points per game to go along with 5.7 rebounds and 4.7 assists. Of course, he is not that great of a passer and facilitator as Rondo but still, he can emerge as a franchise point guard for the C’s if Rondo for some reason parts ways with Boston.

But Danny Ainge stated that the Boston Celtics plan to move forward with Rondo onboard. The 28 – year old superstar will be an unrestricted free agent in one year from now and unless he agrees on an extension with the C’s over the course of the 2013 – 2014 season, Boston may risk losing him or being forced to overpay him next summer.

If Avery Bradley wasn’t inked to a long-term deal, a duo of Marcus Smart and Rondo for the two backcourt position would make sense for Boston. Nonetheless, now, we’ll have to wait and see what Danny Ainge has in his mind. Both Rondo and Smart are ball – dominant players and both of them are not good shooters. So, the use of Avery Bradley at the starting shooting guard position makes total sense. On the other hand, the C’s wouldn’t want to use their sixth overall pick, a player who as great as Smart for the backup position for a long term.

Inevitably, trade rumors around Rajon Rondo have just started piling up once again. Whilst Danny Ainge is downplaying them all, sooner or later he will be faced with the dilemma of keeping or trading away Rajon Rondo. In fact, Rondo may be the next superstar to be traded away from Boston, after Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce last summer. And the C’s may move on with a backcourt duo of Smart and Avery Bradley. If that’s the case and Rondo gets traded, the Celtics will also acquire a valuable player in return, maybe Kevin Love.

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  1. I think that Danny will end up trading Rondo for much less than a Kevin Love. The right thing to do will be to trade Rondo now, but Danny will, it seems, hold onto Rondo, hoping that his value will go up. I think the opposite will likely happen, as Rondo will likely not thrive in the crowded back court that he is being forced to deal with.

  2. Rondo is on the move. One way or another. He's not coming back. I think he leaves next summer. Even if he's not traded. Danny is ready for it.. Which is dumb

  3. That's just hateful. So because Danny just hates players who are better than him, or so it seems, yet another year of Rondo's prime has to be ruined. Let him go, Danny. Rondo has given us a lot. He played second fiddle to the Big Three for years, while extending their careers. At least respect him enough to let him go now.