Friday, July 11, 2014

Marcus Smart finishes summer league strong

ESPN Boston

“I enjoyed it,” Smart said after scoring a game-high 20 points in a 95-86 loss to the Indiana Pacers in the third-place game in Orlando. “It was fun. It was great experience, even though we didn’t win today, but it was good to get out here and gel with these guys.”

“Marcus reinforced a lot of things we were hoping for when we drafted him,” Larranaga said when asked about Smart’s play. “He’s a tremendous competitor and teammate. He’s really skilled in all areas. He can dribble, pass, shoot, defend, rebound. ... We’re really happy with his performance.”

Is it okay that I don't care much about him yet? I just don't want to get behind a point guard not named Rondo. With Bradley in the fold I just don't get this pick by Ainge. Does he want a three headed monster at the guard spot? I just don't like the draft pick. It's nothing against Smart. He's a nice and talented player. But he doesn't feel a need for Boston. Only if Ainge deals Rondo.


  1. What I have been reading is that the kid is a pg. He's not a two and he's not a combo. He is a pg. There is no room for two ball dominant, alpha pgs on this team. I think that is perfectly obvious. A new pg was the one thing we theoretically didn't need. Rondo is acting, though, like he plans to take this situation head on, and as positively as possible. It's looking like Danny is shooting for a trade during the season. But who knows how things will play out? I don't blame Smart, though. The kid does seem great.

  2. He is the new face of the franchise. Don't drag this out, Danny. Trade Rondo now.