Thursday, July 10, 2014

Marcus Smart works through shooting woes, finds groove against the Magic in summer league

Marcus Smart has struggled with his shooting in Summer League, and that was a concern when he was drafted. Call me a negative person if you want. But I wasn't a fan of this pick, and I hope Danny is right in the long run. I don't like this draft pick for the fact of Rondo.. Smart missed 3 of 17 3-pointers (17.6 percent) entering Thursday's game against the Magic in Summer League.

Smart overcame some early shooting woes and finished with a team-high 19 points, 12 of which came in the final frame of Boston's win. Smart has a lot going for him, but I'm just on the fence about him. I love his defensive approach, and his mindset, but he has a lot of weaknesses that I don't like.

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So how does Smart forget about those shots he misses?

"I think I can shoot the ball, but you can’t worry about the last play, you gotta move on," said Smart. "Ray Allen, the best shooter in the NBA today, that’s why he’s so good. He can miss four in a row, but you best believe that fifth shot he takes, he’s going to take it like he just made four in a row. You just gotta forget about that last shot."

On Thursday, the team announced the signing of Marcus Smart. Along with James Young who has yet to play in summer league because of injuries. Smart seems like a great kid, and I hope he's able to work well with Rondo. But I just don't believe it's a marriage that will last.

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  1. Smart has some attitudes that Rondo can benefit from. He emphasizes defense in a way Rondo has forgotten to do,and he steps up when the going gets tough, as Rondo sometimes seems to fear doing. But Rondo remains a special player in a way Smart can not be. The fan love for Smart is disgusting, in that light, considering the fan despite for Rondo. Smart is the shiny new toy. The main thing I read about Smart is that he plays well mainly in the pg role. He is a pg, not an off guard. But we knew this.