Monday, July 7, 2014

Paul Pierce is not looking for a pay increase

If this report is true. Then Paul Pierce must not want another ring. In reality Pierce is worth 4-5 million a season. But I don't know if I pay that. Unless I'm really close to a title. Pierce could be huge for a Thunder team, especially if they can get Gasol. I want to see Pierce out West, and honestly I hope to see KG retire. He just didn't have it last year, and I don't want to be sad watching him.


A report from Chris Mannix today has Pierce, an unrestricted free agent, looking for a two-year deal in the $9-$10 million range per season.

Pierce's last contract was a four-year, $61.33 million deal signed before the 2010-2011 season with the Celtics. He was paid $15.3 million last season with the Nets

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  1. Obviously he's not putting a lot of priority on coming back to the Cs. And who can blame him? Danny would just trade him again!