Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rajon Rondo continues to get ripped in the media, and Derrick Rose has become a god again

Derrick Rose is a former NBA MVP. He's an amazing player and athlete. Is Rose a two-way player? Rose can the score ball better than many in the NBA. When it comes to shooting the three-ball? He's just okay. When it comes to playing man-to-man defense. He's not great, but in Thib's system Rose is better. This article isn't about bashing Rose, but after a day of watching Rondo get slammed, and Rose rise from the grave. It's all confusing to me. Here's the layout of the day.

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After crunching some numbers to predict how next summer's free agents will fare over the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, ESPN's Kevin Pelton came away with the belief that Rajon Rondo's projection is "surprisingly pessimistic."

Pelton's WARP (wins above replacement player) formula considers Kevin Love the safest bet to outperform the rest of the 2015 free agent class, with DeAndre Jordan making a surprise appearance at No. 2 ahead of LaMarcus Aldridge and everybody else.

Rondo does not come close to the elite free agents. Players with better projected contributions include J.R. Smith, DeMarre Carroll, Danny Green, Draymond Green, Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Markieff Morris, among many others. Point guards ahead of Rondo include Patrick Beverley, Kemba Walker, Goran Dragic, Ricky Rubio and Reggie Jackson.

Kevin Love the safest bet? Oh, okay, Love has won a playoff game? No, a playoff series? No? DeAndre Jordan, he's number two? Rondo even gets crap from national media. Rondo has done a lot to fix his reputation. Rondo's past greatness has been forgotten. Nobody remembers what he's able to do, and what he's done. Speaking of forgetting about players. Rose has played 10 games in two seasons. He's basically been out of action since he went down in the 2012 playoffs.

So, after an amazing practice with team USA. Rose has emerged as a basketball GOD, and Rondo is a worthless piece of garbage according to some numbers guy.


Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose continued to open eyes Tuesday in Team USA's training camp as he makes his way back from the torn meniscus in his right knee that cost him all but 10 games of the past season.

Rose, who has played in just 49 games over the past three seasons because of various injuries, including two severe knee injuries, earned praise from all corners of the Mendenhall Center on UNLV's campus.

"That's my biggest surprise coming in here," Syracuse coach and Team USA assistant Jim Boeheim told ESPNChicago.com, in reference to Rose's performance. "The one thing I was worried about is whether he would be able to step in after so much time (off). He looks, to me, as good as when we had him in the World Championship in '10, when he was at full strength coming (into) an MVP year. He looks very, very good. Obviously, [when] he gets in some games it will be a little different, but it's not like he hasn't had success in games. He had a lot of success.

"He's been the most impressive guy here."

I don't want to compare the two. I just want to point out the fact that Rose needs to prove his greatness for a full NBA season. Some people have rated Rondo low because of his injury. But what about Rose? Rondo does have much to prove. I won't say that he won't. But to place him below the J.R Smith's of the world is ridiculous..


  1. I would take Rondo over any of those people, including Rose, including Love. But he really does have a lot to prove at this point.

  2. He doesn't have more to prove than Rose though, I mean c'mon that's ludicrous! And JR Smith...?!?! That comment is worthy of a Stephen A. Smith blasphemy rant. What a joke!

  3. I live in a state where college football reigns supreme. And even the craziest of crazy Husker fans and pundits don't come close to spewing some of the unnecessary tripe that gets cast Rondo's way. I seriously feel like I'm missing a crucial piece of the media hates Rondo narrative. I HAVE to be missing something, right?! Because the amount of hate he gets is on parr with the viciousness of teenage girls!

  4. Rondo is different, and people don't like that. People fear what they don't know. Rondo has shown how human he truly is in the past two years. He's a genuine guy, and he's a great talent that's different. And people hate it. They want the Rose, Paul point guard type. This is garbage. People have hated him for too long.

  5. I would start a team with Rondo over Rose. Just on track record alone. Rondo is a winner, and he's proven. Rose still has ways to go, and he doesn't have the total package of NBA smarts that Rondo does.

  6. The thing that is so frustrating about Rondo is the way he has slacked off on defense, well, and also the way he slows the ball down on offense. He is so stubborn about these things. Then again, was he supposed to kill himself for a tanking team last year? And what about this year? Is he supposed to kill himself for a team that seems designed once again to tank? And then there is Smart. Sure, Smart will play like there is no tomorrow. How will an a ball dominant pg like Smart fit with a ball dominant pg like Rondo? DAnny just seems to love creating messes, and having all his sycophants call it genius, because he accidentally picked up a gold nugget once.