Monday, July 14, 2014

Rajon "Trade Rumor" Rondo can't hide from teams wants, and Danny's desires

Reading a Rajon Rondo trade rumor makes me yawn. I don't know if I should cry, laugh, or just lose my mind. It's become numbing, and it's something that does bother me, but I also know that there are media rumors and Danny rumors. I try to read through the crap to see who sent the rumor out in the media. The Rockets rumor to me is a media rumor. The Rockets have been rumored to target Love, Melo, LeBron, and Bosh. So Rondo's name coming up with them doesn't shock me at all.


ESPN's Marc Stein reported today that the Rockets could "re-enter the trade game for longtime Houston target Rajon Rondo as well as try to work their way into mix for Kevin Love."


To hear about Houston's interest in Rajon Rondo is not a surprise. As Stein said, they've had an eye on him for a while.

But if they think they have the pieces to acquire Rondo, that is a surprise. A third team will most certainly need to be included in a deal, but the Rockets still run into the same problem of not having much to work with - whether it's a three-team, four-team, or 12-team trade.

The Rockets have nothing to offer Boston first of all. Parsons is gone, Asik is gone, and Lin is even being shipped to the Lakers. The Rockets have zero assets, so don't believe this rumor as an Ainge rumor. But you can count on one from him at some point.


  1. I don't think it's true that Houston has zero assets, though I agree that this doesn't seem to be a well founded rumor. I think that Danny needs to be a lot more realistic about what he can get for Rondo.

  2. werkshop: You're right. Unfortunately we're not going to get much for Rondo. Three months ago we were told to expect fireworks and we got something more along the lines of colored LED lights. Bummer - another year of mediocrity.

  3. Lol - LED lights not fireworks! Too true. It really looks like are looking at Tankjob 2, the sequel, but then again, maybe Rondo can change the story. IF he has the kind of mvp season we've been expecting for several years, God only knows what an exciting season we could have next year.

  4. Wake up! Rondo is not worth what we think he is. There are at least 5 to 6 better point guards in the league right now. Sure he'll rack up the assists but the gambles he takes on defense gives up a ton of points.
    I'm waiting for Bird/McHale/Parish to walk through the door - maybe Pitino was right about something!

  5. It's not that he gambles on defense. He is brilliatn at playing off his man - he just needs to play better on his man. But there's not one pg I'd take over Rondo