Sunday, July 27, 2014

Should Jared Sullinger's weight be a concern?

Sullinger's weight has been a big topic for the past two years. His history of back issues kind of go with the weight you could say. I'm not a Doctor, but weight issues and back issues don't mix. I said a week ago that I'm okay with Sully's weight. In the past, before I said that. I thought Sully should cut the weight down, if not really work on his shaping. First of all. I'm not a health nut, and it's been awhile since I've played sports. So, I'm not in perfect shape. But Sully, in a recent video looks good playing, but very rough physically.

In parts of the video he looks in good shape. In other frames he looks rough. I'm a bit concerned, but he's also said that he's been focused on conditioning. Which doesn't mean you need to be rock hard or cut like a god. Charles Barkley at a point wasn't. Even when he was league MVP in 1993 Barkley was a bit thick. So for me the jury is out on his thick frame.


  1. Watching Sully push around a bunch of smaller and lesser players doesn't really excite me. Still, you can see that he has some nice reflexes and instincts. I don't really worry about his weight. And too, only he really knows his own body. Conditioning is the most important thing. He is right about that. After conditioning, I was hoping to see improved leg power. I guess my sense of Sully is all wrong, but fwiw, I don't see him as being so similar to Barkley. What I see is more someone whose best strength is going to be overwhelming people with power near the basket, combining that with deftness, knowledge of the game and instincts.

  2. Big year for Sully, and he's big.

  3. He's big but I don't know how strong he is.