Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sullinger working hard this summer to get in better shape

Sully's comments may effect some of you out there. He's not going to drop the weight, so get over it.


"I'm not really focusing on weight," said Sullinger who said he will not travel with the team when they head to Orlando later this week for summer league play. "It's more shape, how long I can run, how fast I can run.

Jared is still working on his body, and getting his body ready for game action. I look forward to his growth this coming season, especially with his defiance against the fans and media who want him to drop weight. Will his weight hurt his growth? Will see in time.

ESPN Boston

I think conditioning was a big factor," Sullinger said when asked what he's trying to improve this offseason. "Late in the game, I'd get tired and stop doing the things that I normally do in the first quarter. I think conditioning will kind of help that out.

"[Joining the summer practice is] another opportunity to play against other guys and kind of push myself to another limit, work on things that I don’t normally work on by myself and then I’ve got bodies out here. Going against bodies, pushing myself through contact. So everything is kind of helping me with conditioning."


  1. I agree with sully that conditioning is more important than weight

  2. I'm starting to believe that. I just want him able to get up and down for at least 35-38 minutes a night if needed.

  3. I had hoped that he would strengthen his legs too, but I guess that isn't going to happen.