Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Celtics still pushing for a Kevin Love, not giving up

The Celtics continue to push for Love. I still believe the Celtics have the best offer for a team that's willing to trade for Love. Kevin will need to sign off on the deal in some cases. Nobody wants him as a rental. And they may get that if he's not committed. This story is far from dead, and I'm glad for that. The Celtics have until Saturday to use their $10.3 million trade exception. Will see if Danny uses that in a deal to get Love.


Michael Felger believes Danny Ainge "still has something cooking."

On Sports Tonight, Tim Welsh gave Felger a little hope, explaining that the Celtics aren't done pursuing Kevin Love.

"His agents are telling him that the Celtics are really pushing both feet on the pedal," said Welsh. "Trying to get something, and do something creative, bringing more assets in and dealing them to Minnesota.

"It's still a long shot, but the Celtics haven't given up the hope of bringing Kevin Love here… the Celtics are going to keep pushing for Kevin Love."

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  1. Put Love with Rondo and he wins a scoring championship. Practice your threes, Kevin, because you will be knocking them down like shooting fish in a barrel if you play with Rondo.