Friday, July 18, 2014

Waiting for the Love trade, that won't include Boston

As Crowded House once said "Don't dream it's over", but I think it is over for Boston in the Love sweepstakes. It was a nice "dream" for the past month or so. But now back to reality. Maybe it was a way to sale more tickets? Maybe it was a genuine attempt by Ainge and Wyc to put the Celtics in contention again. The fireworks backfired, and Ainge is missing a finger or two.

I wanted Love, and I've made that clear for the past month. Love is a top 3 power forward, and that was the best thing possible for Boston going forward. With a Love to Cleveland deal around the corner. What's plan B. I've asked this already, and I wonder what can Boston do. I think most believe Rondo is a sitting duck, and Ainge is a phone call away from trading the last player from the 2008 championship team.

So what can Boston do? Well Josh Smith? No, I'm not serious. I might have been okay with that two years ago, but last season was a major turnoff for me. Smith did average a solid 16.4 points per game, but on a pretty bad team. That's very Jeff Greenish. I guess the question to ask is this. Who would you rather have Green or Smith? I prefer the cheaper Green. How about the headcase that is DeMarcus Cousins? He's very high on Rondo, and maybe the Celtics can turn that guy around, or he will be Ricky Davis all over again.

At this point the Celtics could have mid-season fireworks, if they're buyers. At this point the C's will have to wait for next summer, but the free agency class doesn't scream out to me. LaMarcus Aldridge does, but he's made it clear that he wants to stay with Portland.

The Top Free Agents next summer, besides Rondo.
-Brook Lopez
-Paul Milsap
-Al Jefferson
-Klay Thompson
-Roy Hibbert
-David West
-Marc Gasol
-LaMarcus Aldridge

Nothing great, so the Celtics and Rondo are stuck. If Boston keeps Rondo throughout the season, what will Rondo do if Ainge is unable to get veteran help. Rondo could easily jump ship. I don't feel very confident in Ainge when it comes to striking a big deal. I know he can build this team again, but not in Rondo's prime, which is sad for me, and for many fans out there.


  1. I suspect that Ainge never made a real attempt to land Love. About Smith - I really am sick of the way people run him down. This is another of those group think 'near facts' - the 'near fact' that Josh Smith is an absolutely terrible, horrible, worthless player. No, he is one of the most talented players in the league. If all you had to do to build a team was to compile sure things - the way the Heat did, the way the Cavs are trying to do - how easy the game would be and really, how pointless. But there is so much more to it than that. So much of life revolves around players rising to the occasion, or failing to. Smith might be the perfect move for us. Keep Sully at the 5, put Smith at the 4 - I think that could really work. I'd even say that if Danny had a real sense of vision, and if he really wanted to build around Rondo, he'd make that move. Smith can be had. Freeing the cap room could be hard. Smith is taking an awful lot of blame for a badly constructed Detroit team. Bringing KG here was almost a sure thing. But a gm's genius is really defined by the moves he makes that aren't such sure things. I wonder if Red made a sure thing move during his entire career.

    I really don't think Danny ever intended to land Love. I think his plan all along has been to tank again. I suppose he would have taken Love if Saunders had pretty much handed him over. Meanwhile, Danny has worked himself into a position where he has almost no leverage in trading Rondo. Drafting Smart and swooning over Smart, and chasing other pgs, while constantly shopping Rondo, and so on, has made it look like the doubts about Rondo are more legit than hopes for him. Danny should have pulled the trigger at the trade deadline. They say that Rondo turned down the Sacramento trade, but maybe Danny could have talked him into it. But that would have maybe required some crushing honesty. Maybe he would have had to tell Rondo to his face that they were not going to build around him. I don't think Danny can be that honest. He outsmarts himself trying to play all the angles - he gets dizzy with his angles. Right now he has, it would seem, backed Rondo into a truly miserable corner, but he has backed himself into a corner too, because he has led Boston fans to expect a lot back when he trades Rondo, but that is unlikely now. I think the deal will end up being that the other team will take Wallace (cap relief) and will send the Cs one or two somewhat talented younger players and a pick or two - a bit of a haul, but nothing too exciting. I think Sacramento remains the best destination for Rondo. Put aside the big market thing, Rondo. Once you and Cousins get it going, the league will have to take notice.

    I love your point too about Rondo's prime. Rondo's prime is being wasted by Danny. He deserved better. He took a back seat to the Big Three for years.

  2. Yeah. When it comes to Rondo. He's grown to be my favorite player in recent years because he's an underdog. He's someone that doesn't get much credit, and people hate on him for little crap. So I'm mixed. I want the best for the Celtics and Rondo. I would love for him to stay, but wasting his prime years is unfair. Unless Danny can get this team going by training camp, which is unlikely.

  3. Rondo isn't getting the respect he deserves. He is one of the three or four best guards in the NBA. Hanging him out to dry and dangling him as a trade chip is not just disrespecting him I believe it weighs on hiim. The Celtics have more class than this. Danny needs to put his house in order.