Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Who will lead the Celtics in scoring in 2014-15?

The summer series at Celtics Today head's into scoring. This time around who will lead the Celtics in scoring in 2014-15? Jeff Green was the leader last year with 16.9 points a game. This year it may not go that way. Avery Bradley was knocking on the door last year after he found his three-point shot. Bradley finished with 14.9 points a game, and with a new deal in place Bradley may have more confidence this season.

What about the third year forward/center Jared Sullinger? He was the third leading scorer with 13.3 points a game. He may put those post moves to use, and his three-point shooting may become more consistent. What about Bass and Rondo? They both nearly scored 12 points a game last year.

The best player on the Celtics is Rondo, but could he finally take the bull by the horns and score more? I say he should look for his shot more times than not. With this being a contract year, and with Rondo looking to show how great he is. Along with the fact that he's looking to establish his role on this team as the man. I would say Rondo has a legit chance at leading the C's in scoring.

But, after thinking about it. Rondo won't lead the Celtics in scoring. He may score more than 12 points a game, as he should aim to score much more this coming season. I think the Celtics leading scorer will be Jeff Green once again. Outside of Rondo, Green has the most weapons on offense. Can the Celtics make the playoffs, and can they win with Green as the leading scorer? Maybe, a big maybe at that. I think the Celtics are a dark horse for the final spot in the playoffs next year. But that's a topic for another day.

As for the Celtics scoring load in 2014-15. It will likely be a balance attack by the Celtics. You'll see much of the same in my book. You may see Bradley a point or two higher. The same goes for Sully as well. Who do you think leads Boston in scoring next season?


  1. Well, assuming something other than chaos happens last year, and our two highly regarded pgs can somehow play together, I see Rondo posting a statistical line such as 15-12-6-2. I don't suppose that will lead the team for scoring, though I could easily see Rondo doing that. Sully seems more likely. I suppose. I'm not so enchanted with Big Sull though anymore.

  2. Bradley will be the guy to score the rock. I love how he finished last year. Green has some shoes to fill.