Saturday, July 26, 2014

Who will have a breakout year for the Celtics?

With the free agency period losing it's luster. Along with the NBA waiting for the Love trade to happen. Things have slowed down, and the latest big news should come soon when the NBA releases the 2014-15 schedule. Until then, I will do my best to write some articles that spark your interest. A question going into the coming season that I have? Who will be the Celtics breakout player. Not so much the go-to guy. I will to that sometime this week. But who will come to play this season. I personally believe Avery Bradley needs a breakout season.

He just singed on for the next four seasons for over 7 million a season. Avery Bradley showed a great deal of growth last season, but injuries still plagued him a bit. Bradley had a career year with 14.9 points per game, along with a new weapon the three-point shot. Bradley nearly made 40% of his three's last year. But as I said, injuries derailed a possible better season after he missed 22 games.

Bradley may see some competition next season with the Celtics drafting Smart. Bradley as earned the contract, now it's time to work even harder. I also wonder if Bradley will look to regain some of his defensive intensity. He was still great on the end that made him a key player for the Celtics in years past. But Bradley has learned to calm down a bit on defense, and not over playing.

Avery will be 24 in November, and I think this is the year that will determine who he will be in the NBA. The next step for Bradley would be becoming a 17-20 point scorer a night. Along with a guy who can takeover at times. His defense will be there, but this is the year that will tell me who Bradley is as an NBA player.

Of course Olynyk, or Sullinger could breakout, and even Smart. As for Green or Rondo they could breakout in some ways as well. Rondo could lead Boston to the 7th or 8th seed maybe. Green is someone who will have breakout games, as usual, but he is who he is. Bradley, Kelly, Sully, and Smart could have breakout seasons.


  1. So many people need a breakout season on this team...

  2. So many young players. Even Rondo could have a breakout year in some way.