Thursday, August 28, 2014

Celtics experts discuss if the Celtics will trade Rondo this season

Over at ESPN Boston for the past few weeks they've polled the popular C's bloggers in themed posts. In one of the recent articles they've discussed the big question. Will the Celtics trade Rondo. Only one of the bloggers said Boston would trade Rondo. Cory Prescott of CLNS Radio said yes, and he had this to say.

ESPN Boston

Cory Prescott, CLNS Radio (Yes)

I have flip-flopped on this topic since the beginning of last season. If Kevin Love had landed in Boston this offseason, there is no doubt in my mind that Rondo would have been signed to a long-term deal. Now that Love is in Cleveland and Rondo is left without a true superstar to run with, Ainge will be forced to either sign Rondo long term, deal him for even more future assets, or perhaps trade for some established size up front. Ainge won’t hesitate to create even more flexibility for a team with a lot of future cap space and a boatload of draft picks. With $30 million set to come off the books as the roster presently stands, Ainge will have the ability to rebuild this team on the fly.

Another CLNS writer had this to say, and I thought it was the best response on why the Celtics shouldn't trade Rondo.

Jared Weiss, CLNS Radio (No)

Whatever criticisms one may have of Rondo, the reality is that he is an All-Star and one of the players the rest of the league covets. He may have shortcomings, but there are very few stars in this league that don’t. There is no point in trying to get scrap parts for a guy that can run an offense better than almost anyone in basketball. He has shown the ability to improve in any area that he wants. He has shown the ability to take over games when he wants. The next step for him is to take over a winning franchise. It can be done in Boston, but there will be plenty of other cities in the summer begging him to do it there. The Celtics hold several advantages in free agency next summer (Most importantly, the best insight on what Rondo is thinking). Unless Ainge can get a commitment from another premier talent, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point to letting one go.

Jared pretty much said what I've been saying for years. Rondo is a premier talent, so why let him go? The question now is if Rondo wants to stay. I believe he wants to remain with Boston.


  1. Can we get to some basketball?

  2. I think Scal said it better. The team needs to build around him, and they aren't. For God's sake, they still haven't even decided if they want him?