Thursday, August 21, 2014

Does Avery Bradley have a realistic view for the coming season?

It's normal to go into a season with some confidence. But, the Celtics haven't made big moves to feel like they can make the playoffs with ease. I think having Rondo back to start will put the Celtics in a good spot. But this team needs to remain healthy, and they need to hit an extra gear. That extra gear is Jeff Green scoring 2-3 more points a game, and Bradley playing over 70 games. Along with scoring 15-17 a night. So, if some that happens. Then perhaps the playoffs are possible.

ESPN Boston

"I can’t even [put it into words], you guys just have to see," said Bradley. "A lot of people might say that, 'We can’t be this, we can’t be that.' I feel like with the coach that we have, we can be anything that we want to be. We just have to listen to [Brad Stevens] and buy into what he’s trying to do, his plan for us. I feel like we have a chance to make the playoffs and make a lot of noise this year if we listen to Brad."

It's been awhile (feels like months) since I've really talked about the Celtics. I've posted small articles, and a somewhat big articles here and there. This summer has been silent on many fronts. At least in the Celtics camp. So many questions going into the season, and really after the season when Rondo becomes a free agent. I'm tired of writing about nothing right now. Let's get to the games soon! I'm not a trade machine kind of writer. Sorry guys.

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  1. If Rondo and Smart get along well, and the three guards develop real chemistry, and Rondo has a superstar year, we could make a lot of noise