Thursday, August 7, 2014

How long is too long for Celtics rebuilding project? Are you patient enough?

Let me just say this. Rebuilding isn't fun by any means. You could say some joy comes from seeing young players grow into great talent. But, how often does that happen. If you take Rondo away from the equation. The Celtics are in the bottom 5 of the NBA. Yes, the Celtics had a pretty solid record without Rondo. But, the Celtics started to fade once they hit 12-14 in the early part of 2013-14. So are ready for 4-5 years of losing basketball? Will the Celtics even reach contending status in 4-5 years?

Many of us thought this summer would be huge for Boston. But if you look at the logistics of everything. The summer of 2015 is the year of possible change. The Celtics will either come out of next summer possible contenders or even deeper into the rebuilding project. You either believe in Rondo or you don't. I think the Celtics, and Rondo are in a tight spot. What if Rondo's prime is wasted on a team rebuilding. And what if Boston wastes time trying to build around Rondo. When I say waste time on Rondo. I mean Danny trying to find players, or trade partners, along with trying to bring in free agents. If Danny can't build around his superstar. He's failed Rondo and he's failed the Celtics.

I'm patient enough to go through a rebuild. But not with Rondo on the roster. If you truly believe in Rondo. You must go after it with him leading the way. I don't want to see Ainge trading Rondo. But, this could be a tricky thing. Danny was unable to get the Love deal done quick. Is he the blame for that? Was his uncertainty about Rondo causing him to be timid? Did Ainge dislike the $120 million price tag? The Celtics went from front runners for Love to a quick after thought. Missing out on Love could have been the final nail in the coffin for Rondo.

The options are not that great right now for Boston on potential All-Star's. The free agent class next summer is okay, but I see most of the players staying put. So, Rondo and the Celtics may need to split. For his sake, and for the Celtics sake. I hate uttering those words. But, if Ainge is unable to get a player or two for Rondo. Both sides may split. Hell, we don't even know how Rondo feels anymore. He wants to win, and if Ainge can't pull a player out of his hat. Then maybe Rondo leaves next summer.

Patience will be key for some of the fans out there, because things may get worse. Before they get better around here. At least Ainge has loaded the Celtics up with future picks, and with cap relief following this season. The Celtics also play in the East, so anything can happen.

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  1. I was never set on Love. I'm not even set on acquiring all stars. I want to see some evidence of imagination, and of building around Rondo. Right now I just see churning. And signs that the team has already moved on from Rondo. Maybe things will look different in six months. Who knows?