Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh yeah, I thought Rondo was a bad guy? Another story to put that to rest

It's been a week of pleasant Rondo stories hasn't it? Rondo is out there being a real dude, while Bob Ryan hates to look at his soul in the mirror. If it's not Dooling, or Doc Rivers saying great things about Rondo. Now it's "rookie" Nerlens Noel saying great things about Rondo. Noel sat out the entire year last season. Similar to Blake Griffin missing his rookie season a few years ago.

ESPN Boston

Nerlens Noel, the Everett, Massachusetts native who missed all of his rookie season with the Philadelphia 76ers while recovering from ACL surgery, said Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was the "biggest helper" while working his way back.

Is that kind of crazy, being a Celtics fan growing up, to get to know him on a personal level?

Noel: Yeah, definitely. That's definitely what made it even more of a thrill. Being able to interact with Rondo and get good advice from him, 'cause he's more of a veteran point guard now in this league, gone through so much with the Big 3, he's a world champion, he's a player who's very mature in this league now. So definitely, it was crazy. I took a lot from him.

Rondo may not be a born leader, but he's learned to be a leader and stand up guy to others. Bob Ryan will come up sooner or later with a story from 2008 saying Rondo was a troubled kid. Well Bob Ryan it's 2014..

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  1. Bob Ryan, in my view, may have come close to killing Rondo's career when he managed to persuade everyone that Rondo's double digit assist streak was a sin against God and Man, and it became a truly ugly controversey over really nothing