Saturday, August 30, 2014

Player Profile: Brandon Bass, the steady one for the Celtics

Okay guys, it's been pretty boring, and I've been pretty lazy on the blog for the past month or so. With the season approaching I feel it's time to fine tune things, and why not start by profiling the roster. I want to go player by player, and so I start with Brandon Bass.

Brandon Bass is one of those guys who goes out there every night giving 100%. He works hard because he's not blessed with the greatest basketball body. He's got the height, the build, but the length wasn't given to him. Because the lack of arm length, Bass needs to work that much harder to get the job done on a nightly basis. Bass is now 29, and for the past 3 years in Boston he's played a key role for Boston. In his first year he replaced Big Baby, and he showed that he was an upgrade. Baby did have some solid intangibles during Boston's 2010 run, and during the 2011 season when Boston faced issues up front with injuries to Shaq,JO, and the trade of Perk.

Bass' first season in Boston was perfection when it comes to role players doing what they need to do. In year two? Brandon's scoring dipped down to 8 points a game from 12 a night the year before. In the 2013-14 season, Bass improved his scoring, by averaging 11 point a game. After Brandon's standout year in 2011-12 with Boston. His game has been steady overall, and that's great coming from a role player.

But the issue is that Boston has used Bass as their prime big man in many areas. Bass is not a starting power forward in the NBA, but that's what he's been doing with Boston. He's a great bench player, and in a rebuilding phase. Bass may prove to be more valuable in a trade. If the Celtics were contending Bass would be a great asset. But, with Bass at 29 years young. He's peaked, and we won't see him becoming an All-Star any time soon. The good news is that Bass is in Boston on a solid contract. He's owed a little over $6 million this season, and it's the last year of the deal.

Brandon's career numbers are below. He's a steady role player, and maybe he'll have his best season yet?

Bass is 29, and he'll turn 30 towards the playoffs. So, with that being said, and with this being Brandon's last year on his deal. I think it's possible that he plays at a high level. This will be his last chance for a decent deal. So we may see the best from Bass. I like Bass, and who wouldn't? He does the best with what he has, and honestly I feel a bit upset with the guy. I always think back to game seven against Miami in 2012. He helped Boston set the tone in the first half in game seven, but in the second half the Celtics needed him, but like the rest of the guys he failed to show up when the game mattered.

I see Boston dealing Bass, he is an expiring deal. I also think Bass isn't a building block for this team.. I do hope we keep the guy, because if Boston turns this thing around. Bass is a guy that will fight along with you.

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  1. I feel that today's nba player is so obsessed with upper body power that they don't necessarily pay enough attention to lower body power. The way I see it, short wide guys like Bass and Baby and Big Sull really need power in their base to have the presence around the basket that they really need to have. Ty for not disrespecting Baby, btw. Ideally, I'd like to see us trade for Smith, start Sull at the 5, Smith at the 4. Bass would come off the bench, along with Oly.