Friday, August 22, 2014

Rethinking the Celtics rebuild, closer than we think to contending?

I know the title is a bit off. The Celtics are not that close to contending I suppose. But, it could be closer than we think. For those who read this blog. You know that we believe in Rondo, and that won't change from my point of view. So, I would like to get a few points out there from this article. The first thing that I would like to talk about is the idea that the Celtics need a "Big 3" to reach contention. I think "Big 3" trios vary around the NBA. Let me give you a few examples.

Depending on how you feel on Rondo, or believe in him for that matter. Rondo is easily a top 5 point guard, and can be the best in the game at times. At this point he's been tossed aside. I won't rant about that right now, but I want to explain the " Big 3" theory or idea for that matter.

When many of us think about "Big 3" trios. We think of mega star talent like the Miami Heat, and now the reformed Cleveland Cavaliers. What are some other Big 3 trios out there. The Spurs? The Bulls? The Thunder? The Spurs have three good players, and the Bulls had, and the Thunder have a solid trio. When I say the Bulls "Had" a Big 3. They had a Big 3 when they had Deng, Rose, and Noah as a trio. With Deng in Miami now. The Bulls are now a duo. Tony Parker, Duncan, and Manu are smart, and they get it done that way. Their physical gifts have dropped off, and the mega star status doesn't follow them around.

Deng, was an All-Star, and Noah is an All-Star, but are they Rose level stars? No, and that's the idea behind this post in some ways. The experts consider the Bulls contenders every season, and even without Rose experts thought the Bulls had a chance. With the Bulls they have one mega star, and they "Had" two semi stars. So, what If Rondo is that mega star, and what if Ainge adds two quality players, who could be All-Stars. Things can come down to how the league is, or style of play. The big factor is Rondo as well. If he can take the next step like I think he can.

Than Boston could build around him without the "Big 3" model. Look at the Western Conference. Most of the teams have a duo, and a third option who can play close to that All-Star level that's needed. I think fans believe the Celtics need to form a superstar mega team again. In fact, they just need to build around Rondo putting the right players in place who can play. The Celtics need one more All-Star, and with that Ainge needs to bring in players who play well with Rondo. This is all possible. The Celtics have nice young talent, and assets to form a solid team around Rondo.

Another thing is this. We haven't even seen Rondo for a full season without the old "Big 3". This year could open a lot of eyes. I think a lot of teams in the Western Conference show that you can have one or two big stars and succeed. You just need surround them with good players with intangibles. To wrap things up. The Celtics need to build a quality roster around there one star Rondo. Many of the best trio's are not dominant. But they're smart.. Just build a smart team, and things will fall into place.

I just think the all or nothing thought process about having a "Big 3" is out of control. A nice duo with quality players surrounding that duo is even better. We've seen a team like the Mavs from 2011, and a team like the Pistons from 2004. With many others in NBA lore like the Rockets in the 90's reaching great heights with one star, or less, like the Pistons case. The Pistons were well balanced. That worked, and it can again. So, I believe in winning without a "Big 3".. Do you?


  1. When people talk sports, it's one fad idea after another, and each is established in turn as absolute truth by 'group think'. The roads to a championship are as varied as the teams that made it there. If there is one general rule, it is that you always, or nearly always, have to have on your roster one transcendant star player. IF Rondo plays to his best, we have that.

  2. Agree werkshop, couldn't say it better.

  3. Wouldn't it be something, Greg, if Rondo and Smart got a good feel for each other, and Rondo had the breakout year we've all been hoping for, and Bradley and Rondo played together like they can do when they get a chance, and Sully and Olynyk look improved and this team took off?!!