Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Patience Series: How long does Danny have to turn this team around?

Danny Ainge has been running the show for the past 10 years in Boston. In the early years he made questionable moves by trading Antoine Walker, and by putting a lot of faith into guys like Ricky Davis and Raef Lafrentz. Danny Ainge put those choices to bed once he made two big moves in the summer of 2007. Once he landed Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett to go along with Paul Pierce. Danny Ainge's statue outside of the Boston Garden was already in the works to be built one day. He also rounded out the roster with great signings in 2007-08 to help Doc Rivers, and the Big Four on their quest for banner 17.

The Celtics ended the championship drought, and Danny Ainge became untouchable. Let me say thank you to Ainge for the work he put in to get those deals done. Ainge is a good General Manager, and he's got a great knack for what he does. But during his tenure he's really tried to be the anti Red. He's said on record that he would have traded the 80's Big 3. He made a somewhat unpopular move when he traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in 2013. Fans have forgiven Ainge for that move, after the Celtics collected such a promising return from the Nets with draft picks.

I ask this question about Ainge because of Joe Dumars. He was a GM that put together the 2004 Pistons that won the title, and the same team that was kicking butt for 5 straight years in the Eastern Conference. Of course drafting Darko haunted Dumars for years. My point is that Dumars ran out of luck. Dumars was safe after bringing a third banner to Detroit? Not really. Things started to fall apart for Dumars in 2008-09 when he made the Iverson trade. Dumars also spent big money on guys like Ben Gordon, and Charlie V. Those guys didn't deserve that type of money, and it hurt the Pistons.

Danny is now in the post Big 3 era. He faces some tough choices, and his basketball mind will be tested. Will he draft the right players, and will he sign the right players. Danny also has a knack for trades. He's made brilliant moves, and not so brilliant moves. My gut says management loves Ainge, and that he'll be running the show until he wants to step away. Danny even has his son Austin waiting to take his job. It's safe to say that the Ainge family will run the Celtics until I die.

The ultimate question is this. What if Ainge can't bring another banner? Will Wyc, and the owners look to let him go after another drought? Is there a timetable in place for Ainge? Sometimes in life moving on is best. I believe Ainge will get the Celtics back on track. But if he doesn't. Will the fans, and many of his loyal followers look the other way?

The Patience Series: The 5 Year Plan for the Celtics

(Went out of sequence. Felt like doing the Ainge artilce.)

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  1. Really, it was KG who changed the Celtics' culture, and then it was Rondo who kept the Big Three 'window of opportunity' open. But Ainge gets all the credit. And he certainly deserves some. I guess five years from now we'll know if it was smart to build around Smart instead of Rondo. That may end up deciding DAnny's legacy

  2. Yeah, will see what he does with Rondo. That could mean something. If Rondo wins another title elsewhere, that will rub C's fans the wrong way. I think Ainge dealing Paul Pierce and KG was the move that will hurt him. The draft picks sound great, but how will he use them?

  3. And what might we have done if he kept them? At the time I thought it was the right move, but I'm doubting it now. That's when I thought the idea was to build around Rondo. Not it looks like the idea was just to start piling 'assets' and start churning.