Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trading Rondo isn't a priority for the Celtics

Rondo is a player you can build around, and he's a proven star that knows how to deliver. Plus I don't think we've seen the best from him. Danny has a star, and to squander that would be down right negligent on Ainge's part.


Not only is Rondo’s value at an all-time low after he played just 30 games last season as he made his way back from a knee injury, but he’ll be an unrestricted free agent next summer, which means there’s little incentive to give up anything of value when he can simply be signed outright at the conclusion of the upcoming season.

The Celtics are aware of this, of course, so even though the team is in a rebuilding situation, it appears ready to ride out at least the first half of the year with its four-time All-Star in place on the roster.

From Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

While the Celtics are trying to figure out ways to clear roster space before training camp, moving Rondo is not a high priority. First off, Rondo will be a free agent next summer and fully intends on taking the LeBron James-Carmelo Anthony tour of teams and extending the negotiation process deep into next summer. It is highly unlikely Rondo would sign an extension this season with an interested team, especially the Sacramento Kings. Second, the Celtics don’t feel pressed to deal Rondo because they are still trying to determine if he’s part of the future and they are intrigued to see him in action a full 18 months following ACL surgery.

I feel confident in my view about Rondo. The Celtics don't need a mega star "Big 3" to win another banner. They need one, and a roster that works well with Rondo and the other star player. That other star player doesn't even need to be a top 5-10 player in the NBA right now. A winning formula can go a long way when you have the right players in place. With the star.. Rondo is that star player. People have forgotten about Rondo, and that's okay. He will show them up. That's who Rondo is, and he's a player that doesn't back down to anyone.


  1. Celtics still trying to figure out if Rondo is part of the future? That is so crazy. I can't even put into words how crazy that is. It's not that kind of situation. That decision should have been long since made, and really, it has been. Not making a decision is often the same as making one. At some point, not deciding to build around a guy is the same as deciding not to build around him. They treat Rondo like he is some raw kid still auditioning, like Smart has a future with this team, Bradley has a future with this team and Rondo might have one. I call that a load of bull manure. And there's Washburn, passing that crapola on like it actually makes sense. I do hope that the troika of Rondo, Bradley and Smart play so well together that they wreck the idea of trading any of them, and I hope Rondo has the monster season we have been hoping for, but I think Danny is just all too predictably dragging out a situation that should have been long since mercifully ended, dragging Rondo around the league in an endless sales tour, hoping some team will find itself in Cleveland's situation, willing to pay through the nose. It looks like Sacramento really wants Rondo. I think Rondo should think seriously about going there, even though it's a small market. Meanwhile, if Rondo wants to go all in and have the 'monster' year, I hope he remembers that defense is the key. He's forgotten that in recent years.

  2. At this point I don't see why anyone even bothers with this topic. This is the most beaten dead horse in NBA. Can you build around Rondo? Rondo on the trading block. Rondo is mercurial. The media really needs to find a different tune to hum about Rondo or just shut up about him. I get it from random bloggers, but your espns and bleacher reports must employ editors. What editor is looking at another Rondo trade article and being like 'good work, keeps these same exact articles coming'

  3. Well, honestly, I plan to keep on writing about Rondo because that is my central interest. But as regards the recent spate of Rondo articles, I think it is probably because the team wants to flog ticket sales and has put the word out to its PR flacks (ie 'journos' and quasi-'journos') to talk up Rondo, knowing that he's the name fans still respond to. Plus, if they really are in talks with Sacramento, they'll be wanting to push up his value all they can by pretending they don't really want to deal him.

  4. I wasn't talking about your response to the article Werk. Didn't mean for that to come off as a shot at you. I'm talking about every other day an article on espn or in the team stream on the BR the same articles get written over and over and over. And for every positive piece of media about Rondo, someone has to repeat the same tired narratives about Rondo to make sure the earth doesn't spin off it's axis. But honestly, all of it endears me to Rondo more and more. Because I can't imagine what seeing/hearing this same crap about yourself all season every season must be like. I think for as much undeserved hate he gets, he's managed to take it in stride year after year. The man has displayed some pretty serious emotional restraint considering the ceaseless barrage on his game and character. I just can't believe some of these so called professional journalists that continue with the same garbage.

  5. Oh no no - it didn't come off as a shot at me NeC. I understood what you meant. I agree too that Rondo seems to have grown sometimes amazing control over his emotions. Put Danny in the same pressure cooker and see what happens. As to the point of the relentless media attacks, I think that Bob Ryan has actually made a deliberate effort to try to bring Rondo's career down, and I think he came close to doing it. I think Rondo still haven't quite recovered from the attack over his double digit assist streak. But too, this wouldn't be happening if the team didn't leave Rondo out there, dangling, as a target, I think. This kid doesn't bow down to authority and I love him for that.