Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What excites you about the Celtics schedule? Are you even excited?

This year's NBA schedule release was exciting. But, for me the Celtics schedule release didn't have the same feeling. Maybe because the games don't have a lot of meaning right now. The only excitement I get from the schedule release is the fact that the NBA season is coming soon. The other is the Celtics vs Lakers games. Outside of that right now the games don't have meaning. The Celtics are not in the playoff mix, and they don't have rivals right now. Call me a bit negative right now, or out of my mind. But the schedule release did mean more for Celtics fans when LeBron played for Cleveland and then Miami. The Bulls, Magic, and maybe the Hawks sparked our attention in the Eastern Conference

Does the schedule release excite you still with the Celtics in the rebuilding phase? Has it lost it's luster, or do you feel the same?

Checkout some more schedule news below.


* The Celtics take their first (and longest) West Coast trip on January 19, a six-game trip that starts in L.A. against the Clippers and goes through Portland, Denver, Golden State, Utah, and finishes on Jan 28 in Minnesota.

* The team's longest home stretch is just three games - and it won't be easy. From Nov. 12-17 they host the Thunder, Cavaliers, and Suns.

* Their busiest month will be March, when they play 18 games - 10 of them on the road.

* Their hardest one will probably be in November, despite just 13 games. Boston plays on the road in Houston and Dallas to kick things off. Then they'll host the Raptors and Pacers. They play the Bulls twice in November. You already read how they play the Thunder and Cavs. They travel to Memphis, too. And just for fun, they'll host the Blazers and then end the month hosting the World Champion Spurs. Yeesh.

* Out of the All-Star break the Celtics are in Sacramento where they start a three-game trip that includes the Lakers and Suns (back-to-back).

* There's a New Years Eve game again this year, starting early at 1:00 PM against the Sacramento Kings. The Bruins play later that night. No Christmas Day game for the C's, but they'll host the Nets the day after Christmas.


  1. I have to agree. I didn't even know it was

    1. Agree. It was like Christmas, now it's Columbus Day.

  2. I think this season is going to feel like unfinished business.