Monday, September 1, 2014

The latest of the evolution, that has become Rondo's career in Boston

Rondo's one of the best point guards in the NBA. That's a statement that's said about Rondo often. It's a true statement, but when most talk about Rondo. It's usually about trading him, or a rumor about him, and how big of a head case he is. His great gift is often buried in the back yard because of the rumors surrounding him. I wish we could talk more about Rondo the player, and the leader that he's become. Along with the growth that he's shown in the past years. Instead of the good stuff, were given the daily regiment of rumors.

Some blogs could care two bleeps about Rondo. They've decided along time ago that he's not the answer. They want to be little GM's, and they want to talk about Rondo's value all day. Instead they should be talking about how dumb it is to let Rondo go. This latest rumor from Jackie Mac, a legendary Boston journalist. Has me a bit curious of what's going on. I will say this. Danny Ainge has a great relationship with some reporters. Maybe this is a political move by the president of the Celtics. I don't want to jump the gun on that thought, but why not question it in some fashion.

Who can we believe out there? Nobody really, and we just need to accept it I suppose. Nothing has changed when it comes to Rondo and Boston. He's on the block always, and now for the first time a report suggests that Rondo wants out..


Multiple league sources have repeatedly said that Rondo wants to start the season in Boston and see where things go from there. A similar sentiment has trickled out of Celtics camp, as well.

Rondo is hopeful that the team Danny Ainge is assembling around him is better than most anticipate, that they can be this season's feel-good story not only in the East but throughout the NBA.
Multiple league and team sources agree the most likely scenario has Rondo beginning the season in Boston. Then, depending on how the team does, both sides will mutually agree to either ride it out or part ways sooner rather than later.

If you don't think this hurts Boston. It does, and when a star player wants to leave. That doesn't bold well for how things are being ran.


  1. I"ve been thinking about this too. I think Danny is playing a complicated little game here - he wants to keep Rondo's value up, but he also wants to avoid the kind of blowback he got when he traded Perkins.

  2. This whole thing is one big cluster *bleep*. It's not just annoying, in my opinion, it's also terribly unprofessional of Ainge. The only thing I can think of in recent memory that evokes the same amount of in professionalism is the Dwight/van Gundy debacle. This whole thing makes the Celtics look like a joke as an organization and somehow people still find room to blame Rondo. If this were any other player of his caliber, there would be an absolute revolt in the media about how unfairly that player was being treated, and what a stain this leaves on the organization as a whole. SMH!

  3. Danny has messed this thing up. Rondo won't retire a Celtic anyway. Ainge has made it clear that he could give a shit about that. Rondo should look outside of Boston..